New EP ‘Pairs’ for Piano Day – Free Download

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New EP ‘Pairs’ for Piano Day – Free Download

We’ve created a new Free EP as part of our contribution to Piano Day this year. The EP is called ‘Pairs’ and is available for free download from Bandcamp and Soundcloud from 29th March. It is also available to stream on Spotify and if you’re feeling crazy you could even buy it on iTunes.  So […]

‘Forty Eight’ collaborative EP

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‘Forty Eight’ collaborative EP

This weekend B&T artists got together to create a collaborative EP written, recorded, edited, mastered and released over 48 hours. Each artist has created an initial track of harmony, drones, beats etc and sent their track to the next artist, who in the following hours added to, manipulated and transformed it before passing their work […]

Jim Perkins & Leah Kardos Perform at Servants Jazz Quarters 19 June 7:30

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Jim Perkins & Leah Kardos Perform at Servants Jazz Quarters 19 June 7:30

bigo & twigetti artists Leah Kardos and Jim Perkins will perform new collaborative material using piano, electronics and strings, as well as selected works from Leah’s second album ‘Machines’, a concept album with lyrics made up from cut up spam emails, which will feature singer Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz. They will also perform new material by Jim […]

Leah Kardos and Jim Perkins Play Shhh Festival – 24 May

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Jim Perkins and Leah Kardos will be playing re-arrangements of their existing work and new pieces for string quartet, laptops and vocals. For what promises to be an afternoon of thoughtful, strange and beautiful music. Check out the line up and read more here.

‘Machines’ out now!

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Leah Kardos‘ second album ‘Machines’ today on bigo & twigetti. ‘Machines’ is a song cycle based on the impact of technology on human interaction. All the texts have been taken from a series of spam emails which have had their meaning subverted to create entirely new contexts from […]

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