Tobias Svensson is a Swedish composer and sound engineer, born in 1989.

His musical exploration started with the recorder at the age of six, and from the age of seven he found a friend in the piano. Throughout the years, Tobias learned how to handle singing and various instruments on his own, such as guitar, accordion, alt flute, organ and zither.

Since the age of thirteen, Tobias has explored many different genres with many different bands. In 2009, he released his debut album “Ravens”, a singer/songwriter effort on where he played the instruments himself.

Since then, he co-founded the experimental / avant jazz quartet together with class mates from community college. He founded the hardcore punk band Motvilja, where he was the lead vocalist and guitarist. Motvilja was also featured on the Swedish punk compilation “Turist I Tillvaron Vol. 8.”

Together with the label owners of Transubstans Records and Anarkopunx records, plus the drummer of Swedish hardcore band Anatomi-71, Tobias founded and played guitar in the hardcore punk band .

He is also one of the founding members in Fjord, a Budapest based experimental rock/pop band.

Tobias’ musical expression has taken many turns over the years, but he always had his classical background present. The soundscape he is exploring now, almost a decade after his debut release, is rooted in classical music with contemporary and electronic influences.


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