We’re pleased to announce a new release from Leah Kardos!

Rococochet is Leah’s third album. Wanting to shake off seriousness and make space for moments of wit and charm, she has drawn on the playful informality and ornate delicacy of the Rococo. Working only with analogue instruments and technologies, Leah has turned her hand to tuned percussion (vibes, marimba, glocks and bells) and a plethora of keyboards: the CP40, MiniMoog, Moog Sub37 and Mellotron.

Using distinctive pattern work, phase and polymeter, not to mention drums, sax and strings, and the spatial possibilities of the Visconti studio in London, Leah constructs perfumed atmospheres, gilded details and a distinctive presence. The intimate sphere of the Rococo is reimagined for the contemporary world.

You can preview the first single and pre-order the single on Bandcamp!

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