Experimental elements of Baroque and Chamber Pop make up this Indie Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.

Emby Alexander creates a focused aesthetic through thoughtful craft of self-produced music, art, and film. Works ranging from a shy minimalism to dramatic symphonic swells,Emby sings introspective lyrics on relationships, literature, and philosophy.

“…. so god damn catchy, like all good Christmas songs it gets stuck in your head….”-Independent Music News (UK)

“…This is enhanced indie music that doesn’t attempt to be anyone else, but is familiar enough for any fan of decent music to be comfortable with…..”-The Sound of Confusion (UK)​”….slightly hypnotic, beautifully haunting and remotely nervous…this may well be [Phoenix’s] own Talking Heads and Alexander’s voice finds an affinity for David Byrne’s at his peak…”  – Mitchell L. Hillman

“…..both extremely loud and extremely quiet, extremely emotional, extremely pop….” – Melissa Fossum-Phoenix New Times

Dressed Undressing


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