We’re delighted to release Brother Tree Sound’s new EP “Interstices” on B&T on July 31st.

Brother Tree Sound’s second EP takes us on a journey to find the spaces between; of which there are many if we pause to observe them. Interstice means an intervening space, especially a very small one. The space between music and silence, the space between four musicians where their imaginations meet, spaces between microtones, the space where sunlight filters through the leaves of a tree, the space of an afterthought.

The three quite different and distinct styles of music presented here are written by composers Peter Fribbins, Andrew McIntosh and Sam Cave. They are interlinked by two short interludes – Interstices 1 and 2 by Jim Perkins representing the afterthoughts, the space that follows the music.

Although the identity of this idea seems almost too ineffable to express, the combination of these pieces with the interludes combine beautifully to make an intriguing and atmospheric whole.


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