Alice and Michi met in Cleveland in the mid-nineties and formed a musical partnership 15 years later in 2011.
Michi Wiancko leads a unique career as singer, composer, and violinist for her experimental pop project ‘ Kono Michi’. According to Venus Zine, “the compositions are lush, her voice haunting and in the vein of St. Vincent” and Planet Sound called Kono Michi a “Bjork-like brooding wonderland.” A graduate of Juilliard, she also plays in chamber group ECCO and works with ‘Batuta,’ a national youth orchestra initiative based on the renowned in Venezuela.

Called “a tiny terror of a drummer” by the LA Times, Alice Lin abandoned classical piano for the drums after school let out in Cleveland. She is best known for banging out idiosyncratic drum and synth parts in Eagle and Talon, an LA art-rock duo whose brand of “wild and wonky post-punk” (Washington Post).

Strange Bloom is an album that occupies a vibrant and unique space between pop, classical, and electronic music. Written, recorded, and mixed by Alice and Michi, the songs on Strange Bloom are playful and sensual, meditative and celebratory, warmly radiating their own unorthodox logic.

‘Strange Bloom’ is released on 15.10.12 on bigo & twigetti.


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