Leah Kardos @ the Shhh Festival

Posted by on Jan 4, 2012 | No Comments

Artwork by Luke DrozdIn Support of the release of her debut album Feather Hammer, Leah will be playing at the Shhh festival on the 4th Feb at Gallery Cafe (round the corner from Bethnal Green Tube). Details below:

‘In association with The Line of Best Fit, The Local bring you the next in their line of the highest quality quiet stuff. Early Bird tickets available now just £7.50 (stbf)

Gallery Cafe & map

Dog Ears, Rob St John, The Tarantula Waltz, Tom Rogerson (Three Trapped Tigers), Anna Meredith, Leah Kardos, Mirel Wagner, Steve Adams, Stranded Horse, Fierce and the Dead, Tiny Ruins, Felix, Our Feathered Embers, Alex Haynes, Hyperpotamus all grace the stage at certain times.

There is a tiny theatre there will be a screening of a new film about David Thomas Broughton. Artists will soundtrack silent movies by the artist Luke Drozd (who did the poster). There will be an art and music stall.’

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