Jeremy Keenan: Light Loop (2011)

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Jeremy Keenan is the guiding light behind Upside Down Umbrella. Light Loop is an installation using light to create a sonic feedback loop which self modifies.
‘A room full of 16 guitar amplifiers, 16 guitar pickups modified with light dependent resistors, a DMX controlled moving head lamp, 4 amplitude sensors and an Arduino microcontroller with DMX control shield.
The light from the DMX lamp shines on the light dependent resistors, causing feedback at the amplifiers. The feedback is picked up by the amplitude sensors, which control the movement of the DMX lamp. The changing light from the DMX lamp causes new patterns of audio feedback, which trigger subsequent movement of the DMX lamp…’

Light Loop from Jeremy Keenan on Vimeo.

You can find out more on the Sounds of Pictures Blog or visit Jeremy’s site

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