Thanks for the Support!

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 | No Comments

As we’ve already mentioned Leah Kardos Feather Hammer is out on Friday. We’d like to thank all the DJs who’ve been playing it out over the past month in the UK, US, Europe and Australia. We’ve listed a few below with links where you can check out the shows and stream the latest broadcast where it’s available. We’d also like to thank everyone who’s streamed, downloaded and pre-ordered the album, all of this really helps to support Leah and our other artists to continue to create great music, so many thanks to all of you!


Stephen McCauley BBC Radio Foyle

DJ Timkai on  The Lion @ Penn State

Ken Field – The New Edge – WMBR 88.1 Cambridge MA

Bryan Ruhe  – The Outpost Radio Show, Vancouver WA

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